Map of a “Real Diet”

Most of us when we hear the word diet, we think FOOD. But the reality is that diet is what nourishes us on all levels!  So while food plays a part of nourishing our bodies, minds and in turn emotions. We need nourishment from all our individual aspects of life that we have created for ourselves. So what makes a “real diet”?  Our diet consists of nutrition (the food we eat), our career, our relationships (partner, children, family), our spirituality, fitness (physical, emotional and mental), and our passions (what we dream of, what we aspire for).  So we can eat all the healthy food we want, but if our complete selves are not nourished, then we live a malnourished life.

Balance in life is important.  And so many times we hear ourselves saying “there just isn’t enough time in a day”.  So let’s look at that for a minute.  We are all given the same amount of hours in a day, 24 of them, so we have 168 hours per week.  The average person sleeps 7 hours per day, works 40 hours per week, spends about 10 hours per week driving (to and from work, kids to school and activities, etc.), shopping and other miscellaneous daily requirements per week.  This leaves the average person with potentially up to 60+ hours per week of time they can spend nourishing themselves.  During the week we generally have 7 hours per day available, on the weekends (or days off for those whom work shift work and weekends – we didn’t forget you) closer to 17 hours per day.  When we look at it like that we think, wow, that is actually a lot of time available to pursue a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.  So with the 7 hours a day are you getting nourishment from your “diet”?

So what makes a “real diet”.  We’ll start with the most obvious part, Food.  To properly nourish our bodies, it is best to eat whole, unprocessed foods.  Mainly fruits and veggies, some grains and for those that eat meat, dairy, and eggs, the best most naturally local sources you can find in your area.  This means: GMO free, organic, grain fed, hormone and cruelty free foods.  Note: We all learned to eat via the households we grew up in.  So isn’t now the time to explore foods and a diverse diet of whole unprocessed foods of different colours, tastes and textures?  Experiment with cooking and find joy in food!  Don’t think of it as eliminating or reducing bad foods from our diet, think of it as adding more of the good, healthy things.  This will naturally become what your body craves, and exploring healthy whole foods becomes more of a draw than eating those unhealthy processed foods. This doesn’t mean you need to live like a fucking monk or nun, limiting and restricting to the extreme.  We personally follow a 90/10 ratio.  That is 90% of our diet is clean, and we mean fucking clean!!! And 10% is not. Our current favorite indulgence is dairy free PB & cookies ice cream. 

Primary relationships are the most important relationship you can have.  Is your primary relationship a happy one or is it toxic?  We have both been through toxic relationships that ended in divorce unfortunately but fortunately.  And we say this because while going through a toxic relationship and divorce is not a happy experience, we learned from them, and in learning from them we knew what we wanted and in turn found each other.  So, it is important to ask yourself “Am I happy?” “Am I fulfilled?” If the answer is no, then explore the “why”.  Also important is the relationship with your kids. Is this relationship the way you want it to be?  We hate our kids on screens, so we try to engage them in activities and play that pulls them away from that. You can apply these same questions to every relationship in your life.  Does the relationship make you happy or is it toxic?

Often our highest source of stress comes from our jobs, careers, professions or whatever term encompasses your “work”.  When we have high demands, deadlines, crazy shifts, or unpleasant coworkers, our mental and emotional state is affected.  How you deal with this stress is very important to your entire wellbeing.  Not to mention, do you like your job?  Being in an unfulfilling career can also put us in a state of unhappiness.  Remember there is always a choice.  Even when we don’t think there is one. We have the choice to leave our jobs or we have the choice on how we let us affect us.  To deal with stress more effectively, stretching, meditating and changing your mindset to one of positivity will go far.  Self-care becomes imperative in dealing with stress.  If you love your career, great!!! Then it is simply dealing with the day to day stress of the demands of it.

For us we’re lucky, fitness is our passion so it comes very naturally.  We see fitness as a time for play, an opportunity to challenge ourselves not only physically but mentally.  From competing in our first Ironman triathlons to trying to complete our first Iyengar headstand, fitness adventures are fun!  For us it also allows us to play outside, be in the outdoors and see different parts of the world when we compete.  We love nature, so our sport choice allows us to experience both at once.  Physical fitness allows us to step outside our comfort zone, no longer being prisoner within our own bodies, and gives opportunities more than sitting on any couch ever could. Remember the one difference between a rut and a grave, is about 2 feet.  It welcomes growth and health.  It benefits all aspects of health and healing.

So ask yourself, and be honest with yourself, “Do I feel fulfilled?” “Am I leading a nourishing life?”

The purpose of our blog is to promote a conscious awareness of trying to live a healthier life.

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